Website design, hosting and site Management

A solution for every business

We plan, build and publish your organization's website on the platform of your choice. From self-managing options on popular CMS' such as WordPress, Joomla, Brizy, and Shopify to custom-built projects to client specifications, we provide sites that serve your immediate needs for connecting with your audience and sells your products and services.

All of our sites include a free domain name for the first year of your site, managed hosting on fast shared or virtual-private servers, emails with custom signatures, and a documentation page to help you take complete ownership of your site.

Our website options for you

The One-Pager

Short, simple, powerful

  • Starting at R1,0000
  • R50 Monthly hosting fee
  • 5 Email accounts and email signatures included
  • Includes custom header, about section, key services, testimonials and contact section.
  • Up to 5 revisions.
  • Can be expanded to full website or e-commerce store any time.

The One-Pager is a renewable energy and equipment supplier that uses a single landing to get straight to the point. Design to generate leads and inform clients with effective summaries, smooth UI, and sequenced sections.

The Full Monty

Post-Covid Recovery Centre was a full-feature business website built to include booking, blogging, and dynamic content. This site also included lead generation features that linked to an affiliated clinic service.

The Full Monty

Full-bodied web experience of your business

  • Starting at R3,500
  • R150/monthly email and hosting fee
  • Unlimited email accounts (up to 20 email signatures included)
  • Includes custom header, about section, key services, testimonials and contact section.
  • Up to 5 revisions.


Online Stores & Payment Solutions

  • Starting at R3,500
  • R350 Monthly service fee
  • Up to 250 products (including variables) with custom categories, page structures, and checkout pages.
  • Up to 10 revisions.
  • Payment gateway setup, testing and orientation.
  • Store management and

E-Commerce is a customized web store built for variable and simple product types, with cost-effective POS and accounting system integrations.

Documentation Sites

The convenor database and FAQ section was custom developed to present member knowledgebases, support Q&As, and event details in a clear, simple, yet powerful format for desktop and mobi

Documentation Sites

Knowledge hubs & documentation platforms

  • Starting at R3,500
  • R250 to R500 monthly service fee for hosting and emails
  • Unlimited email accounts (20 custom email signatures included)
  • Company branding on document and email portals.
  • Orientation on documentation site management, if required.

Why choose us?

Besides offering scalable, cost-saving, and easy-to-use services, our passion is to provide you with effective content, tools, and websites that clearly portray your value proposition to clients. We do this by building sites that speak to the motivations and needs of your audience. Additionally, our forms and lead generating tools are effective and easy-to-use, ensuring fast leads, quick publishing and beautiful design.

100% Client ownership

All project outputs and materials are handed over to clients with no strings attached. We also strive to design websites and services that do not require intense subscriptions or renewal fees. You will have access to all levels of hosting, code, and end-user services.


We carefully explain how each service is priced and projects are adjusted to suit your needs, budget and business requirements. All branding, language, and services are built to match the language, market, and vibe of your business or organization.


We are passionate about being open and honest with our clients. Also, all resources and materials created by our team are handed over with no strings or tricks attached. We also provide documentation that explains the process of what makes your website run, how you can change it yourself, and how to maintain your ownership over the online property hosted on the internet.


All of the software we use to build, host and publish projects are open-source, community supported and extremely secure. While some propriety options are used to ensure productivity and reduced cost-to-client, we proudly promote FOSS in our business dealings and websites.