Nethound offers a wide range of web services for small to medium-sized businesses. Our websites, stores, landing pages, forms, and software solutions help optimize your organization and reduce unnecessary costs. The web is a dynamic space for modern businesses, but it doesn’t need to cost affect your bottom line with unnecessary software. We provide you with engaging pages, informative content, open-source software, and expert designs that minimize costs and maximize your presence online.

We build websites and forms for local businesses

Simplify your marketing, communications and online sales with powerful websites and forms. We love to work with a variety of industry standard tools and software that connect you to online markets and channel your products and services efficiently.

WordPress Website Building

While we love other content management system, we are extremely passionate about the possibilities WordPress provides clients. Let us build simple yet powerful websites for you that boast a wide range of fantastic visual features and services.

Contact and Service Forms

Using a variety of different form suites and software, we build outgoing and internal forms for marketing, sales, claims, and surveys. We also integrate notifications and submissions into various CRMs.

SEO Writing and Performance Improvements

Let us research and write content for your website that is relevant and based on trending keywords and topics. We also audit, fix, and optimize websites to ensure they are not invisible to online queries.

Education & Blog Content Writing and Editing

Set up online tools and develop branded content for e-learning, online assessments and on-boarding using Moodle or WordPress.

Website analytics and insights

Using Google and Open Analytics, we track behaviour, performance, and campaign trends for business to give insight into how your content and applications can improve.

Remote assistance & training

We work with clients to train them on how to use a variety of software suites, as well as troubleshoot issues remotely using AnyDesk, Teamviewer, or Ubuntu Screen Sharing. We believe in empowering businesses through the use of open and ethical software practices.

Custom websites & forms

Generate leads and capture your client or candidates attention with beautiful, fast and powerful sites and forms.

We build custom, campaign-specific landing pages that market your products and services in an effective and engaging way, using human-centric design, lightweight mark-up and page builders, and powerful forms. We also link your forms and pages to the form tools and CRMs of your choice, allowing surveys, claims, and campaigns to be integrated to your online services and apps.

Why choose us?

Besides offering scalable, cost-saving, and easy-to-use services, our passion is to provide you with effective content, tools, and websites that clearly portray your value proposition to clients or candidates. We do this by building sites that speak to the motivations and needs of your audience. Additionally, our forms and lead generating tools are effective and easy-to-use, ensuring fast leads, quick publishing and beautiful design.


We carefully explain how each service is priced and projects are adjusted to suit your needs, budget and business requirements. All branding, language, and services are built to match the language, market, and vibe of your business or organization.


All designers, writers and marketers have experience living and working in different communities and business sectors. We are aware of the different economic and social contexts that modern businesses operate in.


We are passionate about being open and honest with our clients. Also, all resources and materials created by our team are handed over with no strings or tricks attached.

Organizations we work with

We are extremely proud and lucky to work with such great clients. Click the logo to see the work we’ve done with them. If you need additional content or form references, please feel free to contact us at, as some services for internal-use cannot be displayed publicly.



Let us build you sites, forms, and content for your business.

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